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About Thai Xpress - Take Away

Our promise is to deliver fresh & authentic dishes to your doorstep. It is our mission
to excite your tastebuds with our very best Thai ingredients.

We are proud to share that Meo (on the picture on the left) is our main chef in
the kitchen. She made her culinary entrance long before today though. Back when
she still lived in Thailand, in the city Khon Kaen, she was known for her
many local markets, in which she sold the best “Pa-Tong-go” dougnuts and was particularly known for that dish all around the city. 

Other specialties of hers are the Mamasan Curry dishes and Panag kai (chicken in coconut milk & red curry).

We have customized wines & other beverages to every single dish, so if you’re ever in need for some advice, ask us about it and we’ll be happy to help! Do you want us to deliver to your doorstep? No problem! We’ll be on our way!

Our Values

We strive to be part of the environmental change and protect our oceans, as to why we only pick the best qualitative ingredients from sustainable and organic farmers.

And besides that, we respect our bodies & health. We therefore will always strive to source the healthiest ingredients. For instance, we never use palm oil in our kitchen, but will use olive oil instead.

Are you allergic to something specific? Tell us and we’ll find a nice replacement for you. 

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