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This exceptionally beautiful floribunda white rose is part of German breeder Kordes’ beautiful fairytale collection. Hardy in zones 5-9, this award-winning rose is known for its disease resistance and old fashioned rose shape.

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This is an incredibly hardy rose. I think it’s the only rose I have that never gets blackspot! It’s also known for its glossy dark green foliage.

When I first bought my house, I planted eight roses in my courtyard. Unfortunately we had historic rainfall that year and there was standing water in that area for weeks. Only Scentimental and Fairytale Lion’s Rose survived the spring!

We’ve had extraordinary difficult garden conditions the last few years here in Dallas (hello, snowpocalypse) but Fairytale Lion’s Rose has never give me any trouble.

Kordes also proudly states that this rose is suitable for pots and part shade!

The Name

I have owned this rose at two houses for over a decade and I’m horrified to learn that I’ve been calling it the wrong name the entire time. I’ve always referred to it as Lion’s Fairytale and just realized that the reason is because that’s what numerous American companies have it listed as.

The Kordes website however, both English and German, has this rose listed as Fairytale Lion’s Rose so that’s what we’re going with. But I wanted to mention it in case you’re googling Lion’s Fairytale. This is the same rose!

Fairytale Lion's Rose


The Kordes website says that this is a 2′ tall rose; however my first Fairytale Lion’s Rose was easily 4-5′ tall. (Interestingly enough, some American rose websites list it as 3-4′ tall.) The rose in my current yard is definitely around 2′ though.

The Blooms

Fairytale Lion’s Rose is known for its stunning blooms with a classic rose shape. Ranging from snow white to creamy white, to an apricot blush, no two blooms are the same and often have a pinker center and whiter edges.

Fairytale Lion's Rose

Light Requirements

This rose requires about six hours of sun.


This rose has a mild citrus scent.


Like with all of my other roses, I follow Paul Zimmerman’s simple feed program. When the first blooms arrive in the spring, I give it a boost by sprinkling a cap full of Jackson & Perkins Dynamite rose fertilizer at the base. Every six weeks throughout the growing season, I give my roses a Sea Magic seaweed treatment.

Fairytale Lion's Rose

At the end of the season, I give my roses a healthy dose of Espoma Organic Rose-Tone. All of these fertilizer help keep my roses strong and healthy! You can read more about fertilizer and growing roses here.

I hope this article convinces you to add this trouble-free rose to your garden! Don’t forget to shop my Rose Collection here for rose pillows, apparel, drinkware, and more.

Happy growing,

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Written by bourbiza mohamed

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