Gruyere Cheese Alternative: Best Substitutes for Gruyère to Try

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Are you a cheese lover, looking to prepare a dish that calls for gruyère cheese, but can’t find it at your local grocery stores? Or perhaps you’re just curious to experiment with a gruyere cheese alternative?

You’re in the right place. This guide will introduce you to a selection of substitutes that can be used in place of the traditional Swiss cheese, each boasting a similar texture and flavor profile to the real thing. We will look at both European cheeses and options that might be more readily available in your local supermarket. Let’s dive right in and explore the world of gruyere cheese alternatives.

Various types of cheese on a wooden cheese boardVarious types of cheese on a wooden cheese board

Emmental Cheese: Our Favorite Gruyere Cheese Alternative

Emmental cheese is a popular choice for those seeking a gruyere cheese alternative. This traditional Swiss cheese is known for its large holes and creamy texture. It has a mild flavor with sweet notes, making it a suitable alternative for gruyère cheese in recipes like French onion soup or cheese sandwiches. Plus, it’s often easier to find in grocery stores than gruyère.

Slices of Emmental cheese with large holesSlices of Emmental cheese with large holes

Appenzeller Cheese

Another great substitute hailing from the Swiss Alps is Appenzeller cheese. This cow’s milk cheese has a distinct flavor that’s slightly stronger than gruyère, and a semi-hard texture that’s equally good for melting. Its unique flavor and excellent melting properties make it a fantastic option for dishes like croque monsieur or cheese fondue.

Beaufort Cheese

Coming from the French Alps, Beaufort cheese is a versatile cheese that’s a great alternative to gruyère. This semi-hard cheese has a smooth texture and a complex taste that’s both sweet and nutty. Its excellent melting qualities and similar nutty flavor make it an excellent choice for various recipes that call for gruyère cheese.

Whole wheel of Beaufort cheese on a cheese platterWhole wheel of Beaufort cheese on a cheese platter

Comté Cheese

A French cheese made from unpasteurized cow’s milk, Comté cheese is a good substitute for gruyère. It has a buttery flavor, firm texture, and small holes, much like gruyère.

Its taste varies depending on the aging process, but it generally has a sweet taste that cheese lovers adore. Comté cheese is a good option for cheese boards, pasta dishes, or any recipe requiring melted cheese.

Slices of Comté cheese next to a glass of white wineSlices of Comté cheese next to a glass of white wine

Jarlsberg Cheese: A Great Gruyere Cheese Alternative

If you’re after a gruyere cheese alternative with a slightly different twist, give Jarlsberg cheese a try. This Norwegian cheese is a type of Swiss cheese that has a mild flavor and large holes, similar to gruyère. Its creamy texture and sweet flavor make it a good choice for cheese recipes that call for gruyère.

Jarlsberg cheese cut into wedgesJarlsberg cheese cut into wedges

Monterey Jack

Monterey Jack is an American cheese that’s a viable alternative to gruyère. It’s a semi-soft cheese with a smooth texture and mild flavor. Monterey Jack is a good melting cheese, which makes it suitable for dishes requiring a cheese with excellent melting properties, such as cheese sauce or melted cheese sandwiches.

Block of Monterey Jack cheese on a cutting boardBlock of Monterey Jack cheese on a cutting board

Fontina Cheese

This Italian cheese is a semi-soft cheese with a unique flavor that’s both earthy and mushroomy. Fontina cheese has a creamy texture and a distinct flavor that makes it a great gruyere cheese alternative.

Its nutty taste and excellent melting qualities make it a popular choice for recipes like cheese fondue or pasta dishes.

Fontina cheese on a cheese board with grapes and crackersFontina cheese on a cheese board with grapes and crackers

Cheddar Cheese: A Classic Alternative

For those seeking a more accessible gruyere cheese alternative, Cheddar cheese is a good option. Whether you opt for mild cheddar or white cheddar, this cheese has a similar texture and a stronger flavor than gruyère, making it a great substitute.

It’s widely available in most grocery stores, making it a convenient alternative for those last-minute cooking plans.

Chunks of cheddar cheese on a wooden boardChunks of cheddar cheese on a wooden board

Tête de Moine Cheese

Lastly, we have Tête de Moine cheese, a Swiss cheese that’s a good substitute for gruyère. This cheese is made from raw cow’s milk in the Swiss Alps and has a semi-hard texture. It has a complex taste that’s both nutty and sweet, much like gruyère.

It’s a great option for cheese platters or as a substitute in your favorite cheese recipes. But it may be harder for you to find at a regular grocery!

Choosing the Best Gruyere Cheese Alternative

Whether you’re experimenting with new flavors, or you just can’t get your hands on gruyère cheese, there’s a multitude of gruyere cheese alternatives out there to satisfy your taste buds.

From the traditional Swiss Emmental and Appenzeller cheeses to the more familiar Monterey Jack and Cheddar, there’s a gruyere cheese substitute to suit every palate and recipe. Happy cooking!

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