How to Eat Crab Legs | Best Way to Eat Crab Legs

How to Eat Crab Legs | Best Way to Eat Crab Legs
How to Eat Crab Legs | Best Way to Eat Crab Legs

Crabs can be intimidating little crustaceans.

With their tiny claws and hard shells, they can be a little frightening to dig into when you see them at the dinner table.

At Cameron’s Seafood, we want to break it down in a simple way and make sure you have an easy time preparing and eating our delicious crabs! Check out our comprehensive guide on how to eat crab legs below.

Instructions on How to Eat Crab Legs:

First and foremost, you need to buy some crabs. We recommend our #1 male blue crabs if you want a delicious and flaky crab meat. At Cameron’s, we steam our crabs with 11 spices and herbs including Old Bay seasoning.

Open up the fridge, grab some butter and perhaps a beer or two and get ready to dig in!

First, you’re going to need to prep your table. Crabs can get notoriously messy so take some paper towel or buy some of our crab paper here and line your kitchen table. Trust us, a little time doing this will really help with clean up after your meal.

Then you’re going to get to the fun stuff: smashing and cracking crabs. Grab your crab mallet and a claw cracker and get ready to jump right in. We also have crab mallets available for purchase in our online store!

Once you have your crab in front of you, go straight for the crab legs. Take a leg and twist it a bit and pull it off. If you’re lucky, you might get a bit of meat with the legs. We definitely recommend eating that meat.  Feel free to get rid of the legs once they’re off the body.

Now find the claws and repeat the same procedure. Just make sure you don’t throw the claws out. They’re pretty tasty!

After the limbs are off, turn the crab over and remove the apron. The apron is the piece of shell you see directly under the crab.

Next, carefully take off the top of the shell, removing it from the bottom half. Then take that bottom half of the crab and crack it into two equal pieces. You can do this with your hands or with the help of a knife.

You should be able to see the meat at this point. You can simply use your hands to take the meat out of the larger areas. If you can’t squeeze your hands into some of the smaller chambers, take a small knife and try and pull it out.

Grab the claws and break them apart with either a claw cracker or a crab mallet. Once the claws are broken, just pull out that meat as well.

Last but not least, crack open that beer you got out of the fridge (assuming you are of legal age, of course) and enjoy it with our #1 male Maryland blue crabs!

Order Maryland blue crabs online:

We really hope this tutorial was helpful, and showed you an easy and stress-free way to consume our famous crabs.

If you’re looking for inspiration for easy crab recipes, we encourage you to check out and bookmark our food blog! We post weekly updates on our blog including recipes, how-to guides and company updates.

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