Khari Puri Recipe – Awesome Cuisine

Khari Puri Recipe – Awesome Cuisine
Khari Puri Recipe – Awesome Cuisine

Spice your day with these crispy Khari Puris, bursting with coriander, cumin, and garam masala flavours.

Khari Puris is a delightful Indian snack that promises flavour and has crispy goodness in every bite. Originating from the heart of Indian cuisine, this recipe combines the earthiness of whole wheat flour with the robust flavours of coriander, cumin, and garam masala. This dish can be enjoyed as a standalone snack or paired with tangy chutneys like mint or tamarind.

About the Recipe

Khari Puris, spicy Indian crispy flatbreads, are a staple in Indian cuisine. This recipe creates harmony with a rich blend of spices, including coriander, cumin, and garam masala. Originating from North India, Khari Puris are typically served as a snack or accompaniment to main dishes. Every bite is crispy goodness and a burst of aromatic spices. 

Why You Will Love This Recipe

Khari Puris is versatile and easy to prepare. This delightful recipe offers a total experience with the fusion of spices that bring warmth and a crispy texture that is a joy. Elevate your snacking experience with Khari Puris and savour the rich tapestry of Indian flavours.

Khari PuriKhari Puri

Cooking Tips

Ensure the oil is adequately heated before frying the puris to achieve the perfect texture and flavour. Additionally, kneading the dough thoroughly is crucial for achieving the desired crispiness. For added flavour, consider experimenting with different spice blends or adjusting the heat level to suit your preferences.

Serving and Storing Suggestions

Serve Khari Puris hot and fresh for the best experience. They pair wonderfully with a variety of chutneys, dips, or pickles. Store any leftovers in an airtight container to maintain their crispiness. Khari Puris are perfect for snacking on the go or as a delightful addition to any meal.

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Nutrient Benefits

The whole wheat flour in this recipe provides essential nutrients like fibre, protein, and B vitamins. Coriander, cumin, and turmeric also offer various health benefits, including anti-inflammatory and digestive properties.

Khari PuriKhari Puri