12 Pasta Recipes from Piedmont – The Pasta Project

12 Pasta Recipes from Piedmont – The Pasta Project
12 Pasta Recipes from Piedmont – The Pasta Project

12 Pasta recipes from Piedmont.

A little info about Piemonte.

Piemonte is the most northwestern Italian region, bordering both France and Switzerland. This region is surrounded by the Alps on three sides and is actually Italy’s second biggest region, after Sicily.

But, although much of the region is mountainous and hilly, there is also quite a large area of flat lands, where Italians have grown risotto rice since the 15th century.

Food and wine in Piemonte.

Piemonte is not as popular with tourists as regions like Tuscany, Lazio and Sicily. But, I think it has just as much to offer. Some of Italy’s most iconic food and wine come from here.

This is where Nutella was born, and where panna cotta, vitello tonnato and zabaione originated. Some of Italy’s most prestigious wines are Piemontese, for example Barolo, Barbera, Barbaresco and Asti.

In addition, Piemonte is where most of the world’s white truffles are harvested. Plus, the region has its own breed of cow, Razza Piemontese from which the best beef and veal comes from. And, finally there are about 60 types of cheese made in Piemonte, including much of Italy’s Gorgonzola.

The wine, truffles, beef and cheese feature in many of these pasta recipes from Piemonte. I hope you’ll give some of them a try!

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12 Pasta Recipes from Piedmont

1) Italian pasta fagioli recipe

This special version of “Pasta e Fagioli” mixes two types of beans, cannellini and borlotti, with homemade egg pasta. It’s flavored with garlic oil, making it an excellent choice for those who love garlic.

This hearty Piedmont recipe is made with dried beans, onions, garlic, carrots, herbs, and a tasty broth. It also includes tomato sauce and usually some pork, like pancetta or a big pork sausage called cotechino, adding more flavor. It’s usually quite soupy and therefore, Italians normally eat it with a spoon rather than a fork.

Italian pasta fagioli recipe from Piemonte.Italian pasta fagioli recipe from Piemonte.

2) Tagliolini pasta with white truffle

Tagliolini pasta with white truffle is a real delight, showcasing the luxury of Italian cuisine. It uses exceptional white truffles from Piemonte, which are sought after worldwide.

The intense aroma of white truffles means you don’t need much to make this dish stand out. With just a few ingredients, you can enjoy the rich and unique white truffle flavor that makes this pasta so special.

White truffle pasta on a plate.White truffle pasta on a plate.

3) Gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese

This recipe for gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese is a beloved traditional dish from the Cuneo province in Piemonte. With only four main ingredients, it is a very simple recipe, yet it is incredibly flavorful and creamy. If you are a cheese lover, you will definitely enjoy this dish!

Potato gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese from Piemonte.Potato gnocchi with Castelmagno cheese from Piemonte.

4) Veal ragu with homemade maccheroni

This traditional pasta recipe pairs a delicately flavored veal ragu with the unique homemade maccheroni known as macron del frèt. However, this versatile and delicious veal ragu can also be enjoyed with your favorite pasta.

This ragu is perfect for batch cooking or meal prep, and it’s particularly delicious when reheated as leftovers, especially when baked with pasta in the oven.

Veal ragu with homemade maccheroni.Veal ragu with homemade maccheroni.

5) Tagliolini alla Langarola with Sausage, Liver and Porcini

Tagliolini alla Langarola is a rich and hearty sausage pasta dish from the beautiful Langhe area in Piemonte (Piedmont). This hearty pasta recipe stands as an excellent comfort food for the colder months, offering a taste of the Langhe’s rustic flavors that are sure to be a hit with the family.

Tagliolini pasta alla Langarola in a bowl and garnished with fresh parsley.Tagliolini pasta alla Langarola in a bowl and garnished with fresh parsley.

6) Tajarin Pasta with Beef Sausage

This beef sausage pasta recipe uses regional specialties to make a rich and flavorful ragu. It uses tajarin, an egg-rich thin pasta noodle that is paired with a local fresh Italian sausage (salsiccia di Bra).

Although some ingredients are local specialties, you can still make this delightful recipe using other types of beef sausage and egg noodles.

Tajarin pasta with beef sausage ragu.Tajarin pasta with beef sausage ragu.

7) The Best Italian Potato Gnocchi Recipe

From the stunning Alpine valleys of Piedmont comes a special dish known as gnocchi della Val Varaita, or ravioles de Melle. These are not your ordinary gnocchi; they’re traditional potato and cheese gnocchi that many consider the best Italian potato gnocchi around.

These gnocchi are served in a smooth cheese sauce and topped with browned butter, making them a dream come true for cheese lovers.

Creamy potato gnocchi in a bowl.Creamy potato gnocchi in a bowl.

8) Homemade Meat Ravioli (Agnolotti)

These delightful pasta parcels offer versatility in their serving options. You can enjoy them cooked in a savory broth for a comforting meal or boiled and dressed in a delicate yet rich sage and butter sauce for a touch of elegance.

They’re also equally delicious when served with a simple tomato sauce and sprinkled with grated cheese, allowing the flavors of the filling to shine through.

Homemade meat ravioli (agnolotti) from Piemonte.Homemade meat ravioli (agnolotti) from Piemonte.

9) Spinach Ricotta Gnocchi Recipe

Known as ‘rabatòn’, in the local dialect, these splendidly large spinach and ricotta gnocchi come from Alessandria in Piedmont. Crafted with both spinach and Swiss chard, these Italian dumplings strike a perfect balance between indulgence and lightness.

Traditionally, they are baked to perfection with butter and sage, making this homemade recipe an ideal choice for a starter or side dish on special occasions and holidays.

Homemade spinach ricotta gnocchi.Homemade spinach ricotta gnocchi.

10) Agnolotti Del Plin Pasta

These agnolotti are a culinary delight, offering a little slice of heaven with each bite. The beauty of these pasta parcels lies in their incredible versatility; you can fill them with an array of ingredients, including meats, cheeses, and vegetables.

This version includes a flavorful cheese fondue filling that is paired with a traditional butter and sage sauce. The outcome is a flavor-packed plate of pasta that will keep you wanting to take another bite.

Agnolotti Del Plin.Agnolotti Del Plin.

11) Ricotta Gnocchi with Mushrooms

Traditionally crafted with the local Piemontese ricotta and fresh porcini mushrooms, this vegetarian recipe beautifully showcases the richly flavored ingredients of the region.

This easy-to-make, homemade ricotta gnocchi served with mushrooms is an excellent choice for a meatless meal, promising a mouthwatering experience.

Ricotta gnocchi with mushrooms.Ricotta gnocchi with mushrooms.

12) Red Wine Pasta with White Ragu

This unique pasta recipe from Piemonte combines tagliatelle made with Barolo wine and a white ragu featuring veal, pork, and pancetta. The ragu is seasoned with herbs and simmered in broth, which perfectly complements the wine-infused pasta, resulting in a beautifully balanced and flavorful dish.

Red wine pasta with white ragu.Red wine pasta with white ragu.

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12 Pasta recipes from Piedmont.12 Pasta recipes from Piedmont.

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